this video of our song “dda” was recorded last night. thanks to stephen burch from woodland recordings… this is such a lovely thing to share on our blog.

the show was amazing, no wait… even more than that. we had a really, really good time. thanks to everyone that came to see us play.

also thank you to kathleen rahn (kunstverein nürnberg, albrecht-dürer-gesellschaft), florian spiegel-schmitt for the great sound, all the guys from schimmy yaw for playing a lovely support, especially as well to stefan for the wowee-wow-light-effects, florian pohrer for his wonderful dj-set before and after the gig, paste-it for the great poster we had on stage, tom neumeier for taking pictures, annegret hornik for helping out with our make-up, all the people at the bar, ulf for his bass-amp, manu for the acustic guitar, mio myo, andré & laurens for taking so much care with all the carrying and to all the other ones of you who helped to make a gig like this possible. there were so many people involved, you were all great //