double wowee! this is our first cd-release, sort of an extra small vivian void mini-ep.

we recorded our song ‘ICO (it’s cold outside)’ within two long, long evenings here in nürnberg. it has been mixed and mastered by alex walcott in may 2011. this is actually one of the first tunes we wrote and now there is finally a not-just-mobile-phone-recording available. the song is composed of keyboard, drums, bass, xylophone, shaker, kaossilator and at least partly on the voices of us all.

we did a handmade edition of 100 copies and as you can see all seven hearts were involved with this release. the cds are all handstamped and the delicate sleeves are handnumbered as well. above all the little package includes the unique picture of at least one horse, a single-page black and white copy booklet and an additional page out of an old english dictionary printed in germany, quite a few years before we were born.

please click on every picture in this post to see more details.

we sold the first copies after our concert on the 31/05/2011. if you want to get one as well, please write an e-mail to and feel free to choose a certain number out of the 100 if you like.

we sell them for 3,00 EUR each and would love to send you or give you one personally //